Apr. 23rd, 2007

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Proportion of babies affected by infantile colic in their first six months: 28%;
age at which symptoms usually peak: 6 weeks

Average number of sexual partners surveyed Australian males (aged 16-60) claim to have had: 17;
females: 7

Proportion of Births in Australia that are by caesarean section: 27%;
in Britain: 22%

Number of Australians whose organs were used after their death in 2005: 204;
in 2004: 218

Estimated number of kangaroos in Australia: 40-50 million

Proportion of Australian beef production that is exported: 66;
the value of these exports: $5 billion

Number of cot deaths in Australia in 2004: 59;
in 2003: 73;
in 2002: 119;
in 1989: 513

Proportion of Australian households that rely on welfare payments: 13%

World's longest stretch of straight railway track (across the Nullarbor Plain, Australia): 478Km

Proportion of Australians who regularly recycle at home: 90%;
world average: 69%

Proportion of surgeons in Australia who are aged over 55 years: 51%;
aged under 40 years: 15%

Number of phone cameras sold in Australia in 2005: 5 million;
in 2003: 300,000

Number of Australians with a hearing aid: 400,000

Number of credit cards in Australia: 24 million;
total debt: $35 billion;
total credit limit: $93 billion

Median age of the population of Australia: 37 years;
of the world: 27 years
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Australia has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in the western world. This is wrong. This needs improving. The waiting lists for organ transplants is growing exponentially each year whilst the donation rate remains pitiful.

Everyone has the potential to make the difference to 5 people's lives. Let's get with the program.

Sign up.

You need an Australian Organ Donor Register Card.

1800 777 203

Email: aodr@hic.gov.au

Visit any Medicare office

To sign up online


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