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Anyone seen, heard from or sexed [ profile] a_trick_mind Tim or his hubby Rick recently please leave a comment. It's as if the earth swallowed them up.
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There is a handsome young man named Tim
Who is sexy and by no means dim
Married for life to husband Rick
They're living in Europe, they got to pick
They work hard and play hard and reap the rewards
For their efforts they deserve all the awards
It's Tim's birthday today, make no mistake
I wish we could all be there and share in the cake

I'm sure Rick has a plan, cause he is the man
Who floats Tim's boat as often as he can
He'll make sure that Tim enjoys his day
Even if he has to resort to something gay
Tim will enjoy but doubtless will be sore
For Rick will give him one and countless more
Tim has many friends on the net who wish him the best
For his birthday I wish him health, vitality, love and some rest

I wrote this ditty for the man I admire most
Who maybe queer as the holy ghost
He is no figment of the imagination
He works hard without reservation
I wish him and his love all the best
On this special day where we jest
So everyone raise your glass for the toast
To Tim on this occasion I play the host

Happy Birthday Tim, live long and prosper.


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